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China is the land of mesmerizing contradictions. The world’s oldest continuous civilization has a historical richness that sets the country apart from anywhere else. Let’s discuss the amazing weird things about China that are actually going to shock you. Let’s begin :)

Split Pants:

Enjoy working with these simple wow JavaScript hacks.

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Learning JavaScript language is easy but using it to develop an interactive web interface requires specific tricks and techniques. Thus, to facilitate you to use this programming language easily, I had brought a list of wow hacks that will help you optimize the performance, speed and save time while development of the website.

1) Async/ await with destructing:

It’s simply wonderful how the Array Destructing can offer so many functions. If you wish to make a complex flow much simpler, just combine array destruction with async/await and see what it does!

Use this:

const [user, account] = await Promise.all([

2) Use ‘!!’ Operator to convert to boolean:

This (!!) is known as the double negation operator in the JavaScript language. The programmers can use it to find out whether a variable exists or has a valid value to be considered as true value or not. Thus, use a simple ‘!!variable’. This can convert the data automatically to a boolean which will come back as false if it showcases any of these values: 0,””, null, NaN, or undefined. In an otherwise case, it will come back as true. The hack is as…

Hacking involves a different way of looking at a problem that no one thoughts of.

A hacker's way is an approach to the building that involves continuous improvement and iteration. Hacker believes that something can always be better, and that nothing is never complete.

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Some extremely powerful JavaScript hacks are given below.

1. Replace All

We know that the string. Replace() function replaces only the first occurrence.

You can replace all the occurrences by adding /g at the end of the regex.

var example = "potato potato";
console.log(example.replace(/pot/, "tom"));
// "tomato potato"
console.log(example.replace(/pot/g, "tom"));
// "tomato tomato"

2. Extract Unique Values

We can create a new array only with the unique values by using the Set object and the Spread operator.

var entries = [1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 4, 2, 1]
var unique_entries = [ Set(entries)];
// [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…

Everything you need to know before you code.

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Introduction To Loops

Automation is the technique of making a system operate automatically; in programming, we use loops to automate repetitious tasks. Loops are one of the most useful features of programming languages, and in this article we will learn about the while and do...while loops in JavaScript.

The while and do...while statements in JavaScript are similar to conditional statement, which are blocks of code that will execute if a specified condition results in true. Unlike an if statement, which only evaluates once, a loop will run multiple times until the condition no longer evaluates to true.

Another common type of loop you will encounter is the for statement, which executes a set number of times. while and do...while loops are conditionally based, and therefore it is not necessary to know beforehand how many times the loop will run. …

Polygamy is about Sex, and Monogamy is about Love.

Is monogamy only an oppressive social institution that puts artificial constraints on our desires for sexual variety and novelty as well as a deep romantic relationship with several partners?
Certainly, fulfilling lifelong monogamous bonds is not easy to achieve, given the high prevalence rates of disloyalty and divorce and the expanding number of people who don’t even aspire to lifelong monogamy.

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And what of the considerable percentage of lifelong monogamists who are miserable in their lifelong monogamy? Such people may feel that monogamy is a prison that traps them in a permanent settlement that is sexually frustrating and devoid of emotional intimacy. …

Everything you need to know before you code.

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Introduction To String

A string is a sequence of one or more characters that may consist of letters, numbers, or symbols. Each character in a JavaScript string can be accessed by an index number, and all strings have methods and properties available to them.

In this tutorial, we will learn the difference between string primitives and the String object, how strings are indexed, how to access characters in a string, and common properties and methods used on strings.

String Primitives and String Objects

First, we will clarify the two types of strings. JavaScript differentiates between the string primitive, an immutable datatype, and the String object.

In order to test the difference between the two, we will initialize a string primitive and a string object. …

I won’t beg someone to love me.

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I will not fall in love with you all at once. No, I will fall for you steadily — falling for the little things. Like the way, you laugh mid-kiss sometimes and look at me like you can’t suppose what is happening.

Or the way you achieve over in your still sleep-fogged state and draw me close to you as if you cannot hold me close enough. Or straightforwardly, the way you look at me when we laugh; laughing with you is my favorite. …

Everything you need to know before you code

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In programming, our first consideration is usually the machine — how the computer is reading and interpreting the code we write. However, it’s equally important to consider the people who will be reading and working with the code. Whether you’re working with a team or on your own, you will need to learn to properly comment and structure your code for human readers.

Comments are annotations in the source code of a program that are ignored by the interpreter, and therefore have no effect on the actual output of the code. …

Everything you need to know before you code.

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A lot of people ask me how to learn programming from scratch. For example, someone is working in a different area and wants to become a software tester. He/she works in IT but wants to jump on a new level and start programming. All these people have one thing in common. They want to start the programming route. But this area is so broad, and they don’t know how to start. And everyone tells different things about how to do it.

In this story, you will learn how to start programming from scratch. You will also receive some advice that will help you with the progress. To learn how to code, then follow these steps. …

Highlighting a lovely poem by Robert Burns.

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My love is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June :
My love is like the melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in love am I:
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a‘ the seas gang dry.

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun :
And I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only love,
And fare thee weel a while! …


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